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Enjoying the best balance of serenity and city access anywhere in the bay, the long-established city of Burlingame possesses as much prestige in its natural beauty as it does in the citizens that choose to call it home. Burlingame is known as “the city of trees” for its 18,000 public trees, most notably the abundant eucalyptus groves, which cast their welcoming shade over the densely-lined streets of the city. Parks such as the community-driven Washington Park and the spacious Mills Canyon further augment the city’s strong dedication to public green space. With such natural beauty, it’s no surprise that the homes in Burlingame are some of the most beautiful on the Peninsula; you’ll find Victorian homes nestled in the hills alongside tasteful modern constructions.

Where the tree cover begins to thin, Burlingame’s forested residences give way to a highly walkable and unique downtown, exhibiting a vibrant array of restaurants and distinctive businesses. Michelin-star restaurants like the innovative Rasa sit alongside contemporary American kitchens, exotic experiments like Rangoon Ruby, and many more. Shopping opportunities abound, with galleries, designer shops, and unique vendors around every corner. The primary Burlingame downtown is complemented by the Broadway district further north, which also features a street filled with more exciting restaurants and shops.

Pairing wildlife and retail access with an unparalleled quality of life. It’s also a city with an intense focus and commitment to business and education. Burlingame boasts excellent public transit, companies such as Virgin and Jobvite call the city home, and its award-winning schools are regularly rated as some of the best in the state. When you combine all these factors, Burlingame emerges not only as one of the best places to live in the Peninsula, but perhaps the whole Bay Area.

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