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Redwood City

The first thing you see upon entering Redwood City is the arch bearing the slogan, “Climate Best By Government Test”. It’s catchy, and it’s true – Redwood City was declared an archetype of perfect climate in WWI-era tests. That perfect climate still is around today, and it has led all sorts of people to Redwood City, and it’s produced a diverse melting pot of a city right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Housing is available at a wide range of price points, from affordable to the highest luxury.

In addition to serving as the home for tech companies such as Box, Oracle, and Electronic Arts, Redwood City is home to the San Mateo County Historical Museum, and a vibrant, bustling downtown. Including historic longtime venues like the Fox Theater, Redwood City’s downtown began revitalizing in the early 2000s and has continued today with the addition of many new business and housing developments. Redwood City was a hub of activity at the time of its founding as well as today – it was the first city incorporated in San Mateo County, and still serves as the county seat.

Redwood City’s location is second to none. It borders Atherton, Woodside, and San Carlos.  City. 10 minutes from palo alto. 20 minutes from the Pacific coast, 25 minutes from San Francisco and from San Jose, Redwood City’s easy highway access allow it access to everything the Peninsula and the Bay Area have to offer. This location also provides it unparalleled access to the outdoors via Bair Island, Edgewood, and Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserves, as well a 42-acre off-leash dog park, a skate park, several libraries, and highly acclaimed public schools.

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