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Redwood Shores

Like its northern neighbor Foster City, Redwood Shores is composed of a network of tranquil lagoons and discreet canals. But it also hosts a privacy and serenity unmatched by any other cities, due to its tucked-away coves and understated bungalows. A convenient access point to North and South bay alike, this coastal idyllic boasts premier access to 3,000-environmental preserve Bair Island as well as an extensive wildlife presence and numerous parks dotted throughout. Its location places it at the near-exact center of the Peninsula, affording it excellent access to nightlife, dining, and other cultural pursuits.

Redwood Shares is a major hub for tech companies; Oracle, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Shutterfly, and many more all base their offices in the city. This disparate array of technological interests is completely characteristic of the city. More than anything, Redwood Shores allows for flexibility. You can create yourself and your space in Redwood Shores. It’s a town perfect for families, artists, entrepreneurs; whatever you do, Redwood Shores will feel like home.

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