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San Bruno

Home to an ethnically and culturally diverse network of restaurants, unique stores, and other sites, San Bruno is endowed with a unique charm. Its motto is “the city with a heart,” and for good reason. It maintains an environment of calm neighborhood living while on the doorstep of San Francisco. Residences in the dense hills give the area a tucked-away, close-knit character – you’ll grow to know your neighbors living in San Bruno.

Like its neighboring cities to the north and south, San Bruno was originally established as a part of the Mission system. The city that would eventually become San Bruno was founded as Clark’s Station, a stop along a mail-bearing stagecoach line, in 1849. By the late 1800s, San Bruno had become a stop along the Southern Pacific Railroad system. Growth burgeoned in the city following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

Today, San Bruno hosts an extensive array of businesses, companies, and cultural offerings. These include video / tech giant YouTube as well as numerous other tech companies. Shopping and restaurants abound at the Bayhill Shopping center and Tanforan center (named for the city’s landmark Tanforan racetrack, which was popularized by none other than the famous local racehorse Seabiscuit). San Bruno parks include the expansive Junipero Serra county park and the community hub City Park.

San Bruno offers the most affordable living for its location, bar none. With a wide range of available housing options under $1 million, from condos to standalone homes to modern subdivision houses, the city can offer unparalleled value.

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